Académie Nationale Suisse de Ju-Jitsu


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    Stage international EJJU

    Île de Formentera (Espagne)
    Charlie Lenz

    06.10.2018 / 14:00-18:00
    07.10.2018 / 10:00-14:00


    06.10.2018 / 14:00
    07.10.2018 / 14:00
    Stage ANJ + assemblée collège Dan

    Dojo du rocher Nyon


    27.01.2018 / 09:00
    Stage WEBBS
    Stage WEBBS à Nidau

    de 9h00 à 17h00
    Organisation JKC Chaux de Fonds
    Cédric Frère de Subreville
    Différents Arts Martiaux et Fédérations
    Fr 60 membres WEBBS Fr 70 non membres
    repas compris dans le prix

    information 70.- CHF


    25.11.2017 / 09:00
    25.11.2017 / 17:00
    Stage international EJJU à Chur (Coire)

    organisation Hanshi Charlie Lenz

    information 50 CHF


    28.10.2017 / 09:00
    29.10.2017 / 18:00
    Stage EJJU Luxembourg

    This year, Jujitsu Luxembourg will organize their EJJU-Seminar on Saturday, October 14th.

    Time schedule: 09.30 - 12.00 and 14.00 – 17.30 o’clock.

    Dojo: Coque Sports Centre, Luxemburg Kirchberg

    Headmaster will be CHAD FOSTER, 8th Dan Jujitsu, Vice president for Denmark

    I would like to invite you to be a part of this event.

    Your charges for Hotel and meals will be covered by our Federation.

    Please tell me if you would like to participate, so that I can make the reservations in Coque Hotel for you.

    If there are some of your students, who would want to come to the seminar, please tell me. I’ll send you a list of affordable hotels.


    14.10.2017 / 09:30
    14.10.2017 / 17:30
    Passage de Dan

    Passage de Dan du 17 juin 2017

    Félicitations à

    Guiseppe Colomaria, Chambaz Jeremy, Kroiss Thomas 1 er Dan

    Manuel Scussel et Pierre-André Buschauer3 ème Dan


    17.06.2017 / 09:00
    17.06.2017 / 18:00

Académie Nationale Suisse de Ju-Jitsu